Our $114.00 Room makeover…. Valance yes or no?

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If you have been reading our site very long you know we moved about a year and a half ago, and are in the middle of a rather large remodel.  It has taken longer and a lot more money than we first planned on but we are still plugging away at it.  Because of that we have not really taken the time to decorate much.  But this weekend I took Matt on a date ( it was my Random Act Of Love for that day), we had lunch and then we decided to walk around the mall.  I needed a new purse because my old one feel apart, so we stopped in to  Burlington Coat Factory.   I was able to find a cute purse for a great price, but then I walked by these window panels.  I told Matt I thought they were really pretty and he liked them too…… so we bought them.

They are lined, so they will help keep out the daft ( yes our windows are old and let in a lot of cold air). They are really nice fabric and only $24.99 each…. after pricing these out at a few other stores I thought this was a great price!  (Yes if I had time to sew them, maybe I could make them cheaper…but lets face it I do not have time)  We needed 4 because the window is over 11ft long.  I already had the curtain rods, and the white sheer curtains.  The matching pillows were $14.00 for the set of 2 and the brown pillows we already had!

I was so excited to come home and put them up. I was absolutely thrilled with the transformation it made!  We plan to change the paint on the wall to a steel-grey-with a hint of blue  ( yes that is totally the name of the color….. or a least what is what  my brain calls it 🙂 ) They made the room look so much more inviting and warm!

Notice I did put up a Valance on the left side just to see what it would look like….. I can’t decide which side I like better.  I think it may be a little too fancy for us?  But thought I would ask my readers …..


And just in case you are wondering NO we were not paid or compensated in any way from Burlington Coat factory.  Just happened to find a good deal at a local store and thought I would share it with you all!

UPDATE: looks like no valance which is what we went with before this post… and why the curtains, there is an old sauna room that leaks and doesn’t work behind the curtains.. We are planning on removing that Sun/ Sauna room in the spring. So the curtains are to hide it.

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