Oven S’Mores made in less than 3 minutes ~ A recipe every family should make

Oven Baked Smores made in less then 3 minutes Easy Family Recipe

Watch our recorded Live video of us making them below

Oven S'mores, EASY camping recipe made right in your kitchen. Fast and easy and SO GOOD, perfect for a big group and less mess, Popular dessert ideas for summerOven S’Mores made in less than 3 minutes

We had a big family reunion last week,  my sister was going to let the kids make s’mores for dessert, but it was too hot to start a fire. PLUS we did not really want the kids all smelling like smoke, so we made Oven S’Mores instead. I have to tell you, these are the BEST WAY to make s’mores. You can make a whole pan of them in less than 3 minutes. Plus you don’t have kids running around with sharp pointed objects, blazing hot, often with a burning marshmallow on the end.  But the very best part is the chocolate melts perfect and the marshmallow is toasted to perfection.

To make them all you need is:

Large baking sheet

Graham Crackers


Hershey’s  Chocolate

Or you could just grab a S’mores Kit 

Break the graham crackers in half. On a large baking sheet spread out the graham crackers. Place 1-2 squares of chocolate on each cracker. Place a large marshmallow on top of the chocolate.  Put the pan in a preheated oven set to broil. I keep the door open so I can watch them close. I also put the oven rack down LOW so the pan is farther away from the heating element.  This allows the marshmallow to toast with less chance of burning. BUT they brown fast so watch them close, all it takes is 2-3 minutes with the oven on broil.

The chocolate will be perfectly melted, and might even be a little hot, so let them cool a few minutes before you serve them  to smaller children. Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as our family does!

Watch us make Oven Baked Smores in this recorded Live video

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  1. Seriously you might never go back. It’s so good. We always would microwave them..I should try doing more at once in the oven though. Didn’t think of that. Duh.U0001f602

  2. I just made s’more cookies cups last night…this looks much faster and easier!

  3. I know what i need next time i go to the grocery my son and his friends will love these!

  4. You need to use the square marshmallows they cover more of it.

  5. All the time as a kid in West Virginia !!!! Hello From Vegas now !!!
    Mindy DeVito !!
    Hi Kids

  6. My sister made them at our last family gathering… mind blown. they were so easy and so good. We have never gone back to the other way since then.

  7. I have made these in the microwave but never considered the oven… WONDERFUL IDEA!

  8. I have made these in the microwave but never considered the oven… WONDERFUL IDEA!

  9. Sometimes I just put a marshmallow on a saltine! Gives ya the salty and sweet!

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