Paper Plate Kids Craft~ Ghost

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Paper Plate Kids Craft~ Ghost

I bought some paper plates to makes crafts with my kids this week.  I had no idea they would have so much fun!  It was definitely a great way to spend the afternoon!  This ghost is so simple and literally only took minutes to put together.

You will need:

Paper plates (2 if you want it to be double sided, which I recommend)

White crepe paper streamer

Black marker


Hole punch (if hanging)

Yarn (if hanging)

Begin by making a face on the bottom of your 2 paper plates with your black marker.

Then, take 4 strips of the crepe paper streamer and glue them to the FRONT side of one of your plates.  This way it is in the middle of your two plates once they are attached.

paper plate craft, #ghost, #halloween, #kids, #paperplate, #craft, #paperplatecraft, #ghost, #kidscraft

Staple your two plates together, with the tops of the plates on the inside.  Punch a hole in the top and hang with a piece of yarn.

Really, how easy and fun is that?!

paper plate craft, #ghost, #halloween, #paperplate, #kidscraft, #easy, #diy, #kids

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  1. Bonnie Tilson

    wait is that toilet paper ? might be hard to clean up if it rains lol cute idea

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