Paperback Book to Jack O’Lantern ~ Easy DIY Craft

10/06/2013 5:00 pm · 5 comments

by Tami

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Paperback Book to Jack O’Lantern ~ Easy DIY Craft

This is a super easy, fun, craft that you could do with your kids to celebrate Halloween.  You may remember Sarah showing us how to make these adorable pumpkins out of a paperback book.

These jack o lanterns involve no cutting (except to cut out the eyes and mouth), gluing or crafty gene whatsoever! 😉

You will need:

A paperback book (think dollar store or a thrift store)

Ribbon or stick for the top of your Jack O Lantern

Jack O Lantern face (I googled and found one, printed it out and cut it out.  That easy)

Begin by ripping the front and back cover off of your book.  If the spine doesn’t come off you are still okay, it won’t show.

Begin folding your paper in half vertically.  Like this:

paperback book jack o lantern, #jack o lantern, #Halloween, #crafts, #diy, #easy, #October

Turn the page and do it again.  With every page.  As you go, the book will begin to curve by itself.  I fold with one hand and hold the other pages with the other.  It is a pretty quick process.

Paperback book jack o lantern, #book crafts, #crafts, #diy, #halloween, #pumpkin, #jack o lantern, #diy

Once you are done stand the book up.  It should be rounded for you already.  If it isn’t staying (both of mine did, so it should) you could always tape or glue the front and back together.

Attach your face with glue.  It is hard to get glue stick to stick well, use regular glue for best results. Slip in a piece of ribbon or a stick into the top circle and you are done!  Seriously a simple, cute craft for Halloween!

Paperback book jack o lantern, #Halloween, #craft, #jackolantern, #orange, #pumpkin, #bookcrafts

Paperback book jack o lantern, #Halloween, #Jack o lantern, #book crafts, #October, #DIY, #crafts,

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Daina Sue Brower

What a great idea for old or damaged reading material!

Rose M. Vacek

We made Christmas trees with Reader ‘s Digest in school… Heaven forbid they’d do that now.

Gerry Blackwell

I did this once with an old Readers Digest issue but one daughter chastised me for wasting reading material.

A Thrifty Mom

SO Simple but OH SO CUTE

Joy Dewberry Johnson



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