Thrifty Vacations


img_2028aIt’s Matt- I hesitate to even say where this photo was taken, because I really enjoy the quite beach and small beach town atmosphere. We took this picture on one of our trips to Pacific City Oregon. We love that town and that beach. I could sit there all day and watch the dory fisherman beach their dory boats! If you are unfamiliar with a dory fisherman read here. But they are flat bottom boats, and they are driven full speed towards the beach. They ride the waves as high up on the beach as they can get. There is no boat ramp. Then they drag their boat up on to their trailers and off they go to market! The entire town has pastel colors and is so small and quite. My mom and dad, and our family rent a house right on the beach. You walk out the back door and drop off into sand!


Now that spring is here, mostly here. We would like to ask our readers to pass on your Vacation Stories. As the summer goes on send us an email with a great story, photos and don’t forget the Thrifty Deals

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