Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas

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Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas

Hi guys, it’s Katie. My son just had his birthday last month and wanted to celebrate with a Paw Patrol birthday party. I’m not a huge one for themes but I looked around on the internet and saw a few cute ideas and then I simplified them because that’s how I roll. Simple and fun 😉

To start with I did his party on his actual birthday so we saved the cake for later for our family dinner and then I gave the kids ice cream sandwiches instead. Candles stand up really well in an ice cream sandwich.

We had our party outside and it was a bit warm and breezy so I modified a few of our games.

The first game was a Skye themed game. The kids made paper airplanes and then decorated them with Paw Patrol stickers. I was originally going to hang hula hoops from the swing set for them to throw their planes through but it was a bit too windy so I had to hold up the hula hoop.

Our second game was a favorite. It was all about Marshall in this game. I made flames out of construction paper and then laminated them. I then hot glued them to some upside down solo cups. Just make sure to use the cooler setting on the hot glue gun so you don’t melt your cup like I did on my first try! I set up these like a pyramid and then the kids used water balloons to try and knock them down and “put out the fire”.  The kids loved this!

Our last game was Paw Patrol to the Rescue. We set up an obstacle course and the kids had to rescue the animals at the end and bring them back through the course. You can make an obstacle course anyway you want that will fit your space. If you have lots of kids coming to the party you can make two courses and have them split into teams and race each other. We have a smaller backyard so we just had the kids take turns.

Here’s how ours went. The kids crawled through a castle tent and then had to crawl under pool noodles we had arched and staked into the ground. Then they had to jump from square to square. Climb up the slide on to the trampoline and fight the bad guy (my husband) with foam swords. Slide down the slide and rescue the animals inside the play house. Jump the squares back, go under the noodles again and through the castle to win!

I did ours in the afternoon 2-4pm so we just had juice boxes, ice cream sandwiches, and my son’s favorite Cheeto Puffs. This was sufficient for a group of 5 year olds. But you could definitely get creative with Paw Patrol themed food.

We took a break inside because it was getting warm out and opened presents and played a version of doggy where’s your bone.

When the games were done the kids played together outside. We got out the bubbles and they each got to take one home along with their airplanes, and a Paw Patrol mask we found in an 8 pack at Walmart.

I rented a bouncy castle, kept the decorations pretty simple with balloons and streamers orange and yellow (my kid’s favorite colors) to decorate the backyard and we used Paw Patrol napkins and plates.

The kids had a great time and I’m always glad when the party is over. It can be exhausting 🙂 Especially if you get some high energy kids. But my son said he loved it and had a super fun time with all his friends, so in the end it was worth it.

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