Pay It Forward Giveaway – UPDATE

For those who aren’t aware, we did a giveaway where we awarded $100 to people who where inspired to help others but didn’t have the money to do it. Here, Tyree has sent us another update and photos of what her family has been able to gather with some of the money, and she still has $71 left to give!
There has been a few slow weeks at Walgreen’s here (we get about half your ad and our prices are sometimes higher.)  The Haven envelope had a lot of RR that I couldn’t really roll, but I thought I made the best of them.  I was able to get them a ton of stuff including two rice cookers and a crockpot, two packs of diapers, a foot-ball, a game, and 10 bottles of dawn dish soap (something they needed.)  All in all I still have $71 to spend on the Haven and have gotten them a few hundred dollars worth of stuff so far.  My girls don’t like shopping with me much anymore, but if we’re going for the Haven they are a little more willing.  They were really excited when I let them carry in stuff.  All these photos are stuff I’ve given them since my last update– we got most of it to them before Christmas, I brought them the first rice cooker and they were so excited that I went back and got them another one and the crock-pot.  They recognize me now and look excited to see me with my delivery.  Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you (you know the holidays 🙂  )  Anyway thanks again for helping me help others.  I had been praying about how best to give and share.  I have felt so extremely blessed since I discovered couponing and really wanted to start blessing others, and wanted to find a way to give back.  You were an answer to that prayer, Thank you!  Right before I won your contest my dad asked me to coupon for three of my brothers and sisters Christmas presents (they really needed the help.)  So I was couponing for four families (including mine) and the Haven and sometimes my parents.  I’m so glad Christmas is past, because to be honest I was a little burned out and sick of shopping 🙂  It was worth it though it has been such a neat experience.  Before I started couponing we were barely making ends meet, now I have extra money, 6 months of storage, and plenty to share and give to others.  Its so neat that I can buy extra for my extended family and help them, and thanks to you, weekly buy and give to the Haven.  I delivered everything I’d collected for shelters prior to wining your contest and it seemed like nothing compared to what you’ve made possible.  It is amazing to see what is possible with just $30, it will be cool to see just how far $100 will go.  Seeing just how far that money can go will definitely make it easier to do this next year with my own money.  I hope others will see how much your $100 did for the Haven and want to start with their own $5, $20, $30, $50 or $100.
Thanks Again,

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