Walmart Clearance deals

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Kathy let me know that she got an awesome deal  at Wal Mart this afternoon.
She has been wanting to get a dinosaurs for her 3 yr old son for about 6 months.  Regularly priced we found them any where from $159 – $129.
This afternoon at the Wal Mart on Greenhurst and 12th she got one for $28 and change!!!!
In our Wal Mart they were clearance pricing them out at $59.95 but when you get to the register they are ringing up at $28 and some odd change.  They did not have anymore , but you might  check out other Wal Marts if you have been wanting one!

These are deals I got earlier this week…

IMG_0632Every year after Christmas Walmart has some really good clearance deals.  They seem to mark things down daily till they are gone, normally found back in the gardening section of the store.  Earlier this week I told you that I found some really good deals at my local store.  Every thing in the photo above was .10- $1.00, before clearance some of these were $15 each.  I added it up and before sale price this would have cost over $320.00  I got it for just over $38.

These deals go quick but if you are at your local Walmart make sure to look for the clearance section.

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