Pay it Forward…..update

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Last month as a way to celebrate having one million visitors to our site we gave away $100 to 3 different readers.  In return all we asked was for them to bless the lives of others and give back.  Thanks to Laura for this update, she has done a great job!


What a blessing this gift was, both to me and all who were touched because of it. The timing could not have been more perfect, receiving the money about a week before Thanksgiving opened the door for many thrifty deals, and even more touched lives. The second Saturday of every month we go downtown to feed and minister to the homeless. A ministry that started out as a small group of college students is being grown more and more each month. With the $100 gift we were able to do so much. We were able to buy enough food to cook a Thanksgiving meal for about 60 adults and children in November. The day after Thanksgiving, we were able to get some great deals on Christmas presents for the children. For many this will be the only present. One of the only things on many of their lists were soccer balls. We were able to get enough for each family to have one. Another novelty for the children is bubbles. Many had not even seen them before we took them one Saturday. This Christmas, many will get their very own bubbles. We teamed up with a local business, and they donated over 60 blankets for the homeless. Each family will get at least 1 blanket this winter. It was also such a blessing to have a great relationship with our local grocery store. Because of my frequency of shopping and their understanding my “thriftyness”, they allow us to come and pick up all the bread that is left over on Friday nights that would normal go to waste and share it with the homeless. We also had enough money to prepare soup and sandwiches for Decembers meal. This was such a blessing. So many lives were touched because of your generosity, and the giving isn’t over. Thank you for opening a door and allowing ministry to happen.

I am attaching a few pictures of our feeding the homeless in downtown Greenville SC and one of our treats for the children. Making balloon animals. This simple treat was a thrill to them. They thought they were at a carnival.


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