Pikachu Christmas ornament

Pikachu Christmas ornament

Have a Pokemon fan in your house? They are going to love this Pikachu Christmas ornament! I love making homemade Christmas ornaments and one like this that I know someone close to me is going to cherish makes it extra fun.

Pikachu Christmas ornament

Ok, I admit that I know almost nothing about Pokemon. But my son does. He isn’t as crazy about this little Pikachu as he used to be, but for a while he was pretty obsessed. This ornament was a fun one to make and was really easy. I love to get my kids a new ornament each year, and it is especially great if it symbolizes something they loved or did that year. Sometimes the homemade ones end up being their favorites!

What you need:

Clear plastic (or glass) ornaments
Twine or ribbon to hang ornament
Yellow, red, white, and black craft paint
Yellow and brown felt
Paint brush
Hot glue/hot glue gun

Begin by taking the top, metal cap off of your ornament and squeeze some yellow paint right into it.This will all depend on the size of your ornament. The larger it is the more paint you will need. You can then place your finger over the hole and shake it, or swirl your ornament around until all of the inside is coated. I like to turn them upside down over a small disposable cup (like the bathroom cup size) and let it dry over night. This way there is no puddling and any extra paint comes out. Once it is dry you can put the metal cap back on.

Once your ornament is dry, squirt a small amount of the red, white and black paint onto a paper plate to paint the face.

Use your paint brush and black paint to paint two small circles on the front of your ornament, a dot for the nose, and Pikachu’s mouth in the shape of a mustache and let dry
Now use your white paint to make one dot inside each eye. Next use your red paint to paint on two small circles underneath each eye and let your paint dry.

Cut out two long triangles from your yellow felt and two tiny triangles from your brown felt. Glue your brown triangles onto the tip of your yellow triangles.

Next hot glue your triangle ears right above the eyes of your ornament.
Cut a 6″ piece of twine or ribbon and string it through the top of your ornament and tie the ends into a knot. Now it is done and ready to hang!

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