PILLOW INTERVENTION ~ when kids explode like a rotten piñata

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The stomach flu hit our family this week.  My kids are still little and don’t seem to wake up in time to make it to the bathroom…. instead they explode like a rotten piñata all over their bed.  Then they start screaming for Mom (lucky me… right lol).  Sometimes I will wash their pillows in the washing machine.  But this week called for a PILLOW INTERVENTION.  It was time to toss the old ones, and replace those bad boys with a new fluffy pillow.  I bought them the $2.50 ones at Walmart, they will last just fine till the next “explosion” happens.

Meanwhile my kids think I am the best Mom ever for buying them fluffy new pillows…. little do they know I feel like I got the better end of the deal.  Because scraping the chunks off and  washing a pillow over and over to get the smell out is NOT on my “can’t wait to do that again list” in life. 🙂

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  1. I feel ya-we got hit with the nasty flu 2 weeks ago and I have little ones as well. It is so hard to get the stink out. I put down towels on their beds and pillows but the towels have a stink to them for a while too! Lovely we mommies get to deal with it all…..

  2. ROFLMAO can’t stop laughing at the title!!! Thank God for moms like you that can find the funny in the worst of situations!!!!

  3. Spoken like a true mom! Sometimes you need to draw the line between frugal and stupid. Dislodging puke chunks vs. $2.50 pillows, the winner isn’t hard to see.

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