Play-Doh Color Sticks Ultimate Rainbow Pack review ~ Christmas Gift Top Pick List

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playdoh ultimate rainbow pack package  I was sent the Play-Doh Color Sticks Ultimate Rainbow Pack to review, well I should not say for “me” to review I had 4 certified trained reviewers.   Those 4 reviews are my kids, lol.  They all LOVE Play-Doh and were more than happy to play with it and tell us what they thought.

First reaction  ~ Yay Play-doh, oh look at all the colors.  Wow look at the cool stuff we can make.  Then there was a bit of a discussion over who got what color and  how many each person got.  Should the older kids gets get more because they are older… should the girls get all the pink and purple because those are girl colors.   Then I had to come in and tell them, No you can each pick two colors and then if you need another colors for your project we can open one for you.

Second reaction ~ Oh this is so soft, and oh it smells good too.  I just want to squish it in my fingers.

My kids played with it for over two hours. They made everything from cup cakes, snails, kites, flowers, trees, snails, worms, pancakes, bags, cars, monsters…. the creativity was endless.

As a Mom I was really impressed with the color selection and how soft the Play-Doh was.  It was a total hit with my kids and I would highly recommend Play-Doh Color Sticks Ultimate Rainbow Pack as a Christmas Gift to the little ones on your list.

I was not paid for this post, but was given the product to review. All opinion are my own.

playdoh ultimate rainbow pack


  1. Does it have containers for it to go in when it’s clean up time? I couldn’t tell from the picture

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