Portable door lock for any hinge door that opens into a room – Personal Safety

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Ever go to a hotel and look at the lock and say – yeah that is a flimsy lock, and worry about it all night? Or stay at a friends house where you wish there was a lock on the door? This little lock for only $20 attaches to any door that opens into the room.

2Addalock – Your personal safety for only $20 and free shipping options

  • Portable door lock ideal for additional security and privacy.Installs in seconds. No tools required
  • Travel Lock. Use it in Hotels, Motels, Rentals, time share. Any place away from home
  • Great for College, students sharing accommodation.
  • Addalock gives you additional security and privacy
  • Use on any door that has hinges and opens inwards.



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  1. Love this!! I hear every bump & sound when I stay away from home. I don’t trust those locks at some places you stay at. Scary!!

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