Project Backpack

Jessica asked me to pass the word along about a local service project going on in Nampa, Idaho.


The MOMS Club of Nampa and we are doing a service project for foster children and we were wondering if you could tell your readers about it. Project Backpack is to help children in the foster care system have something to call their own. We will be assembling backpacks containing essential items for children taken from their home, who might otherwise have nothing of their own. Often times children are removed from their home with their belongings shoved in trash bags. Examples of things needed would be hygiene items, books, school supplies, a toy/stuffed animal, and even the backpack.  We will be collecting these items on August 11 at 10 am.  We will have a table set up at Lakeview park in Nampa.  We have otter pops for the children who bring items to donate.  If they have questions about this project we can be contacted at

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