Protection every runner or hiker should have

01/16/2014 7:00 pm · 8 comments

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

Fury Tactical Kuba-Kickz, Black
Do you notice anything different about these running shoes? No – See the little spike knobs on top of the laces? Those are little protection devices every one should have. It is easily hidden among the laces and can be oh so effective. If you ever get in a predicament where you are being threatened a few good kicks with these and you can defend your self very effectively.

As low as $13.15 and free shipping

Running clothes make it very hard to carry protective items. When you are out running, lace one of these Kuba-Kickz into your laces and gain an extra protection easily carried on your feet. With a couple swift kicks to the family jewels you can be on your way to freedom.



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8 Comments on "Protection every runner or hiker should have"

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Agnes Sanchez

What!! I would’ve never guessed..where can you get those?

A Thrifty Mom

when you are out walking or jogging, and you are mugged, you kick them with these hard spikes…that are laced into the shoe laces..

Agnes Sanchez

what for?

Kaylin Sanchez

Those are pretty neat! Thanks Alicia!

Alicia Grasmick

Kaylin Sanchez

Melanie Vlastnik

Mary Moore, Melissa Moore-Roman

A Thrifty Mom

Share with anyone who might need this

Amanda Jules

Alicia Stephens Loran


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