Q and A: Albertson gas rewards

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Question from my inbox this week, this is a question that has come up before read about that here, when the price of fuel rose so much.

I know u get a lot of rewards with Albertsons gas. I actually got 10 cents off my gas at albertsons for a month!! I think that’s a first. So its’ 05 cents for every $50 u spend at Albertsons? How high can u go? And what is the easiest way to rack up the point. Albertsons just had so many great deals this month. I shopped a lot there instead of Walmart!

Answer: Yes, for every $50  pre-coupon total earns you $.05 off in gas! These points last for only 60 or 90 days (I find my self calling the 800 number on my receipt  to find out the earliest my rewards will expire and make sure I hit the gas station before that day with an empty tank ~if you use it you want to make sure you can get your up to 20 gallons). The easiest way to rack up the points? Well for instance this last weeks sale had Orange Juice 2 for $5 and get eggs. I used (2) $1 off 1 coupons and two twice the values and the free eggs coupon. This got me $6.78 toward my $50 and closer to another 5 cents off a gallon, however I only paid $.78 for all three items. On an average month I can easily rack up $.10 -$.20 off a gallon which I use about once a month or so. 

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