Q&A: 8 Year old couponer, how to get started

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I got this email last night, and I could not help but smile!!!!

Hi My name is Yvonne C . I am 8 years old and I am learning to coupon from my mom who the coupon queen. I want to start my own binder with my own coupons. Do you have any good ideas for starting a binder for a kid. My mom says I have earn my own money if I want to start even though she shares many of the things she gets with our family and others. Thank you very much and I think you are pretty too.

Hello Yvonne, and thanks for taking the time to send me your question.  I think it is wonderful that you are learning to coupon and save money at such a young age.  Since your Mom is the coupon queen….that makes you a coupon princess.   I have two little coupon princesses of my own ( pictured above), and they love to help me clip  my coupons and go shopping with me.

If you want to start a binder you may start out with a old photo album, you may ask your mom if she has an extra one.  Or you can use an envelope and make dividers in it to keep your coupons in order.  Or you can use an old purse, and keep your coupons in sandwich bags to keep them in different categories.

The main goal is to be able to find them, and match them with a sale on the item you want.  To get your coupons you may ask your neighbors, or friends if you can have their Sunday paper after they are done with it.  This will give you the coupons you need for free.  I wish you the best of luck, and keep at it!  Thanks again for adding a little ray of sunshine to my email inbox!

Do any of you have any tips for Yvonne?

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