Q&A- Albertsons catalina sale


It has been awhile since Albertsons had a Catalina sale, I have had a lot of question on it.  So I thought this may help you out…

Question: Can you take the 10.00 catalina you get and use it on your next group of $25.00 and just keep on rolling it?

Answer: Yes, you will get one $10 catalina back for every $25 you spend on the item’s in the promo.  I always split the items up in my cart in groups of $25.  I pay for the first group and then get back my $10 catalina, then use it on each group of $25 after that making each additional group only $15.00.  You can do this over and over and over.  BUT it is best to do one transaction, pay and then get back in line.  This helps the cashiers keep the customers happy plus it gives you time to sort your coupons out, and have them ready in between each transaction.  Please note that I have heard of some stores that will not allow you to use the catalina on the same day you get it ( even if it is for another order)  but I have always been able to use it right away on my NEXT $25 transaction.

Question:  I was wondering , is the $25 counted before coupons or after coupons?

Answer: The $25 mark is counted before coupons.  Remember the store IS getting paid for your coupon, so using a manufacturer coupon is like paying with cash. ( an in-store coupon is different the store is not getting paid, they are just giving a discount)  So if you have $15 dollars in coupon it would bring your total down to $10 which you pay with cash, then get back the $10 catalina which you can use on your NEXT order.

Question: Do you have to buy all $2.00 item’s or $1.50 items or can you mix and match the prices up to $25

Answer: Yes you can mix and match any of the products from the front page of the add.  Just as long as they reach $25

One more thing the hardest thing about a catalina sale is when you pay and then wait and no catalina prints.  Some cashiers are happy to help you figure out why it did not print but if you happen to get a cranky cashier here a few tips,

1.  Your total has to be $25 before tax so  if you live in Idaho and pay 6% sales tax you total will need to be at least $26.50 in order for the catalina to print.  ( now you can bring your total down with coupons…but before coupons and tax it has to be $25.00)

2.  Make sure you have the exact size, flavor, that is listed on the ad promo.  If one items if off, your catalina will not print

3. Buy in groups of $25.00  I always seem to have trouble when I try to do more than that.

4. My Caldwell ( stadium store) is GREAT about helping you out with coupons.  But if you happen to get a not so coupon friendly Albertsons and your Catalina does not print you can call 1-888-8coupon, this is the number to the catalina company.  Have your receipt call them and they will be able to mail you your catalina or tell you why it did not print.

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