Q&A: Albertsons Twice the value coupons

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I was not able to use a Twice The Value coupon last night for a Kellogg’s coupon that said “do not double or triple”. I had a conversation with the checkers that the coupon wasn’t being doubled, but that Albertson’s was doing the increase and not expecting the manufacturer to, which is what that instruction on the coupon means. They told me that Albertson’s policy, as of A FEW MONTHS AGO, is not to “double” those coupons that say “do not double”. I even suggested that, while our nickname for the coupons are “doublers”, they are actually “Twice The Value” coupons (my friend even calls them “twice-lers”). And that the separate TTV coupon was what was causing the increase in savings. I did not win the argument, and chose to return the cereal I had intended to purchase..
Was this my mistake? I’ve not heard anything, and I’ve never had this problem. Seems by now (in my 3 or so months of couponing) I’d have used a coupon that said “do not double” and run into this…

About a month ago my local Albertsons said that they would not long allow us to use the twice the value coupons on coupons that say do not double.  Some cashiers have not been checking the working, but they are really trying hard to get all the cashiers on the same page and following this new guide line.  Now I have to admit that I was disappointed with this new rule, being that it is the store giving you the discount not the manufacturer…so why should it matter?  But I have to say Albertsons is still my favorite store to shop at and I am able to find the best deals there.   One thing you will learn as you coupon that the rules seem to always be changing, sometimes for the better and sometimes not so good.  I know most our local stores have switched over to the new rule.  Not sure how it is in other areas, but I hope by posting this it will help  some of you out!

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