Q&A- black and white coupons

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Question:  Will a store accept printed coupon if they aren’t color? I think its a stupid question, but as I don’t have a printer & would have to go to the library I don’t want to end up not being able to use them cuz they’re black & white…

Answer: I personally do not print them in black and white, I go ahead and print them in color.  I hate to use up the color ink, but it is worth it so me.  Like I have always said some stores are more coupon friendly than others, my local Albertsons does not seem to mind them in black and white.  But I know other stores will give you a hard time or refuse to take them because they can not see the water marks on the coupon.  They fear that they have been photo copied so they refuse to take them.  I am not one to fight with the cashier so I just find it is easier to print them in color.

I would like to hear from the rest of you, I know that many of my friends print in black and white.  What has been your experiance  what stores are willing to take them?

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