Q&A- Do you use everything you buy?

I am re-posting this…because I have I have several readers ask me about this the past week. Yes the deal info is  from July but the tips are still relevant.  Hope it helps….


Got this in a Email:

I was just wondering on whether or not you use everything you buy?  Like when you get six containers of sour cream, 20 containers of butter, 18 bottles of bbq sauce or 18 bottles of salad dressing, do you use it all before it expires?  Do you donate it to a food bank?

I just don’t buy something because it is a great deal unless I know I have a use for it.  Donating to a food bank is a great idea.  Or making gift baskets from all the candy you bought… maybe one that includes those cute toothbrushes.  lol

Stuff like the feminine products and toothbrushes and such that don’t expire, I totally get.

I just wonder because I have purchased stuff that was a great deal and then on the shelf it sits


I get this question all the time, each purchase is a little different so it is a little hard to answer.  Just last week one of my good friends asked me where on earth I put all the tooth brushes I bought last month (12).  I told her they were already gone, she looked at me kind of funny.  Then I explained that within a week of buying them, I gave them to 2 families that were struggling and had not purchased new toothbrushes for their kids in over a year….simply because they could not afford them.

I am passionate about giving back, and helping others.  We do make donations to local charities, but more often find ways to give to those I know personally.  Most these people would never ask for help, they simply go without.  I have found if you simply watch those around you, opportunities always come up to share and help.  Sometimes I drop items off in secret, as to not embarrass the person receiving help.  Other time I just come right out and ask them what they need and go from there.

BUT most these items we do consume as a family of 6.  The sour cream I bought last week is good till the end of July, We have already eaten 2, one for tacos, and the other  in Ham and Potato chowder. I will have no trouble using the other 4 in the next week or two. The 20 tubs of butter, I will freeze most them and yes we will eat them all as a family.  As for the BBQ sauce and spices I will share some of those, being that it is an item that comes on sale often.  If you read my post on salad dressing, I mentioned that I am in charge of Salad Dressing for my up coming Family Reunion, so I purchased it for that reason.  The pads, half of them are already gone as well….I am sure the other half will be gone soon.

Some show there love with a plate of cookies and a card , I do it with a bag of BBQ sauce and pads…lol!

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