Q&A- How do you find time?

I did this post back in March but I am still asked  daily, how I find time .  So I thought I would repost it.  

I get questions like this almost everyday;

“You are Amazing! I love checking your site regularly for great deals, but I tend to miss most of them. You are very fortunate to be a SAHM with your children but how do you run to Walgreens several times a week on top of the other stores while spending quality time with your children? I struggle with my everyday chores of cooking, cleaning, and being a mom that I’m not able to run from store to store all day finding great deals and then Blog about them. Please share your time management secrets with all of us. Are you saving so much with your great deals that you are able to hire a Housekeeper,Chef and Nanny? “

Answer: This one made me laugh, I wish I could hire a Nanny, Chef and Housekeeper……but I am proud to be all of those.  All though some days it is hard to have a smile on my face while doing it.
 1.  I do shop a few days a week, but only on rare occasion do I have any of my three kids with me.  I go early in the morning, or late at night while they are in bed.  I can’t think, or use coupons if they are with me….So I plan my shopping on days they can stay at home with Daddy, or go late at night.  I do live within a few miles of both Albertsons and Walgreens, so it is easy for me to make a quick trip.
2.  I also struggle with keeping up with all the daily tasks of being a mom of 3.  Some days I feel like a total failure, I am to hard on myself, and I don’t look at all the good things I did that day.  Instead I focus  all the things I still need to do.  My husband is so sweet to help remind me of all the good I do, without him I would be one depressed Momma. ( thanks Matt I love you)
3.During the  day I really try to just be Mom it is once they go to bed that I become ” A Thrifty Mom”  I do have to admit I stay up WAY to late working on my blog.  My husband and I put  MANY hours a day into this blog, but we enjoy doing to together.
4. I won’t coupon if it is not easy…..I have taken a lot of time organizing my coupons.  I have also been doing this a long time so I know what to look for.  That has been helpful in finding the “hidden” deals. So start out small, feel good about saving a few dollars here and there.  With time you will get the hang of it and be saving a bundle before long!
5.  I coupon because I have to…..we live on a limited budget.  I don’t have a job so I feel it is my job to save the money we do have.   My husband and I have decided to live in a smaller home, drive older cars, and works less hours a week in order to have more time as a family.  My son was born with Half a heart ( hypoplastic left heart syndrome)  We feel time with him is important so we have made adjustments to our life style to order to give him  a lot of time with us at home.
6.  I don’t have all the answers.  The way I live works for me, but it does not work for everyone.  I hope you  can take parts of my blog, learn and use that knowledge, and apply it to your own life.

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