Q&A – Printing Coupons


Question: How are you able to print 2 coupons, I was only able to print them once?

Answer: On most sites you are able to print a coupons 2 times. ?While your coupon is printing hit the back browser button on your computer and It will allow you to print another one in most cases. You will be able to print them 2 times off each computer in your house. ?I have 2 computers so most the time I am able to get 4 printed coupons.
Question: Can I photo copy a printable coupon?
Answer: ?NEVER photo copy a coupon, that is coupon fraud. ?Each coupon you print should have its own unique set of numbers with the bar code.?
Question: ?Can I print my coupon in black and white?
Answer: ?Personally I always print in color, I have better luck with cashiers taking them if they are in color. ?Technically all they need is the wording and the bar code, it should not matter what color it is in. ?I do have friends that print in black and white, but I choose to print in color.

Question: ?How do I know what stores take printable coupons?
Answer: Just ask right up front, That way you do not spend all that time loading up your cart only to find out that store does not take printed coupons. ?I try to keep my local stores coupon policy’s up to date, you can check out that ?post here. ?It can be tricky for example my local Caldwell Walmart takes printable just fine, the the Meridan no lager takes them, even though the corporate policy says they can. ?Just ask before you shop!
Question: ?How ?do you know if a coupon is fake?
Answer: Unfortunately there are fake or printable coupons out there. ?The problem with these are the store gives us the discount, but they DO NOT get paid from the manufacturer when it is a fake coupon. ?That makes the stores loose money, and then they no longer want to take ANY printable coupon. ?Personal I try to stay away from any coupon that is a PDF file, If I ever find or hear of a fake coupon I will be the first to let you know NOT TO ?print or use them. ?It will only hurt us all in the long run. ?I try to stick to printing off sites like, coupons.com, pillsbury.com. bettycrocker.com, these are all sites I use often and know that the coupons are legit. ?
Question: ?My coupons won’t print, any suggestions?
Answer: If you have a slow Internet connection, printing coupons can take a LONG time. Sometimes you may need to adjust your Internet security program (each is different so check in the help section of your program). Sometimes your firewall blocks pop-ups. You will need to look for a bar that comes down near the top of your browser, click that and tell it to allow this one time, or every time depending on your preference. Or go to your computers firewall program, either already preinstalled, or one you have set up to run on your computer and add the webpage?to your exceptions list. Some times coupons are on other sites in a “flash format” file. You should make sure you have a program to run flash componets. One we use is Adobe. There is no spam, or virus applictaions to worry about this is a very reputable company. Click here to install or upgrade your exsiting flash player.?? Another common problem is your computers way of “helping” you. Your computer saves little bits and pieces of webpages you have been on. So when there is too much in the storage your computer becomes slow and unresponsive. To help correct this in “Interent Explorer”go to your “Tools” tab up on the top of your browser. Then ” Internet Options”. Under Browser History click “Delete…” tab, then a new window will pop up. It is usually best to delete the “Cookies” and “Temporary Files” tabs.?
In Google Chrome go to the top right, click on the wrench icon. Then click “Clear browser data..” I generaly check all the boxs except for the passwords. Then change it to “Everything” and finally click “Clear Browser History”
In Firefox click “Tools” then on the bottom “Options”, then “Content” and click or unclick the options you prefer.

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