Q&A- Start slow

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Queston: When you first started the stock pile process did you still have grocery bills that cheap?  I am just starting out but I cannot figure out how to get started and only spend $100 in a month.  Everytime I go to the store I end up doing the whole grocery shopping and then I will pick up a few extra items to start my stockpile because they are on sale.  Just wondering how hard it is also to get out of the habit of doing a complete shopping trick to just getting on sale items?  Thanks for any information you can give.  I am recently became a stay at home mom and want to prove my worth to husband to help save money for the family.

Answer:  When you first start to coupon, you are not going to be able to spend your weeks budget on building your stockpile.  Or you would be stuck eating cereal  and yogurt one week,  and wheat thins and ketchup the next.  When you first start your stock pile shop like you normally would…that way your family has there basic needs.  But set aside a certain dollar amount that will be your stock pile money.  You will then know that you can use that money to find items at their lowest price point and buy multiples at the lowest price.  But once that pre-set amount is gone then you will know you have to  wait till next week to start stocking up again.  Most likely you will be able to buy 3-4 times more with your “stock pile” items, soon your pantry will be filled with items you bought at their lowest price point.  So you will not need to buy them at their highest price point…..as the weeks go on your weekly spending will drop.  You will still be buying just as many items….just at a better price.

I only spent $100.00 this month but normaly I spend around $200.00  it works for my family, but make sure you do what works for yours.  Be happy about any money you save, and feel good at the progress you are making!

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