Q&A- Stores that will NOT accept printed coupons


I love the coupons that you find for us….but what do you do about the stores that will NOT accept any computer printed coupon? I am finding that I am having problems with Ridley’s here in Pocatello ID.  Any suggestions or help to prove to these stores that there are really coupons from manufacturers & not scams?


First I would try and ask why? Most likely it is because they have run into issues with fraudulent coupon in the past.  Make sure that the store understands that a printed coupon is just like a coupon from the newspaper. See if there is something you can do to help resolve the issue or even help educate the store on how to spot a fraudulent coupon. You can direct them to sites like the Coupon Information Corporation that lists fraudulent coupons and helps answer questions.

Or  instead of clipping your printed coupons, print them but take the whole sheet in.  The web address will be printed on the page, this will show them that you did in fact print them from a reputable site.

I have been lucky that the store I shop at take them, so I have not had to deal with this.  Have you run into this problem and what have you done to resolve the issue or any suggestion you may have… I would love to hear some feedback on this topic!

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