Q&A- What can you Freeze?


I wanted to know if you could do a post on things that can be frozen.  I just got a chest freezer this week, and I was unsure as to what “non freezer food” I could freeze.  I know that I can freeze lunchmeat, right?  I mostly wonder about things like cream cheese, refrigerated cookie dough, biscuits, etc – things that say “do not freeze” on them – but I figure you actually can.  I heard that cheese freezes really well too.  I figured that since you have been doing this awhile you would have a better list of things that do and do not freeze well.
I think this a great question. From my experience I have had great luck freezing lunch meat, cookie dough, shredded cheese, cooked squash, bananas for baking or milkshakes.  Bread, bagels, muffins, and  pancakes as long as you do not keep then in longer than a few weeks. I have to say I do not have all the answers on this one, I so am looking for all my readers to give your  2 cents on this topic! What have you had good luck with in the freezer?  Or better yet tell me your freezer  nightmares.

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