Q&A – What food have you had good luck with in the freezer?


I wanted to know if you could do a post on things that can be frozen.  I just got a chest freezer this week, and I was unsure as to what “non freezer food” I could freeze.  I know that I can freeze lunchmeat, right?  I mostly wonder about things like cream cheese, refrigerated cookie dough, biscuits, etc – things that say “do not freeze” on them – but I figure you actually can.  I heard that cheese freezes really well too.  I figured that since you have been doing this awhile you would have a better list of things that do and do not freeze well.
I think this a great question. From my experience I have had great luck freezing lunch meat, cookie dough, shredded cheese, cooked squash, bananas for baking or milkshakes.  Bread, bagels, muffins, and  pancakes as long as you do not keep then in longer than a few weeks. I have to say I do not have all the answers on this one, I so am looking for all my readers to give your  2 cents on this topic! What have you had good luck with in the freezer?  Or better yet tell me your freezer  nightmares.  You can also check out this guest post Every Thing You Need To Know About Freezing Food From a-z. 


  1. I freeze homemade freezer jam, but if I don’t have time to make jam, I freeze the berries in amounts for a batch of jam…turns out just as well in freezer jam. Boxed baked treats like ding-dongs freeze well and can be taken right out of the freezer and dropped into a lunch bag…they’ll thaw by lunchtime. Cook 10 lbs of hamburger when it’s on sale and portion out in baggies for spaghetti, sloppy joes, casseroles, tacos. You can freeze tomatoes straight from the garden (well, wash them first!) then drop them whole and frozen into your spaghetti sauce.

    • @ksgoodie I totally forgot about hamburger! I love to cook a bunch up like you do, also do it with shredded chicken breasts. Makes for a lot of quick meals!

  2. Everything that was listed.
    You can freeze milk as well (just take some of it out of the carton because it expands as it freezes) and thaw in fridge. Fruit flash frozen (on a pan not touching and then into a ziplock like others mentioned) is great for smoothies, pies, yogurt, etc.
    One other tip… when I stock up on yeast – I store that in the freezer as well. It’s supposed to make it last longer. Don’t know if it’s true,but I’ve never had my yeast not work after learning to store it in the freezer.

  3. Sarah listed all things I freeze. However, I have noticed on thekrazycouponlady.com that she does what can you freeze and how posts.

  4. I freeze canned biscuits all the time, they still rise but not as  big as they would normally get.  Just make sure to defrost in the fridge.

  5. Does anyone elso have trouble with frozen shredded cheese not melting well?
    I freeze individual portions of meat, like beef patties, pork chops and chicken breast on cookie sheets…make sure they are not touching…then after they are frozen, take them off the sheet and put them in zippered freezer bags (squeeze as much air out as possible. That way you can adjust amounts according to how many are coming for dinner. They also defrost much faster.

    • @ksgoodie I only freeze shredded cheese and have never had an issue with it not melting. I try and remember to defrost it first in the fridge because it’s easier to handle if you’re using it in a recipe, but you can use it straight from the freezer as well.
      I freeze veggies the same way you freeze meat. Bell peppers, onions, squash, etc.

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