Quick and easy Halloween Window Art ~ Low cost craft

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Thanks to Living Life And Loving Every Second for this adorable tip of making Halloween decorations!  Simple tip but oh so cute!

I have been wanting to decorate my front door for Halloween for years but with me being cheap I just can’t bring myself to buy anything. Today a brilliant idea hit me * light bulb moment* and I thought to myself I could  make spooky stickers to decorate the windows. I know window clings are cheap but do they ever stay on very long? NO.

I first drew up some shapes that I liked then I grabbed this chalkboard paper I had bought years ago from Goodwill for .99 cents and cut my shapes. I cleaned the windows first and put them on! The sticky part of it will NOT leave a nasty gooey residue and you can make them any size or shape you want. You can make them for the kids to stick on the windows and since they are made of chalkboard paper you can draw on them after you are done with Halloween you can save them and reuse by sticking them to the non waxy side of wax paper. This concept works for any season any occasion!!

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  1. The window sign says “contact paper” and in her description she says she used “chalkboard paper.”  I’m confused.  Are they the same thing?  Or different?  What is chalkboard paper?

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