Quick defrosting tray

Quick defrosting tray

Forget to get meat out of the freezer in the morning? This Quick defrosting tray thaws frozen foods out so much quicker.

Quick defrosting tray

ORDER HERE–> EunGaBi Advanced Defrosting Tray Thaws Frozen Foods Quickly 14″x8″x0.12″ with Silicon Corners. Slim, Compact Holds Large Steak or Whole Chicken. For Frozen Meat, Veggies, Fruits

  • MAGICALLY THAWS FROZEN FOODS for great improved convenience. Forget to leave the frozen meat out before you left for work? No worries. Simply place on the EunGaBi Defrosting Tray and it rapidly thaws 3X faster. Serve dinner on time with perfectly prepared meat.
  • * DEFROSTS EVERYTHING including frozen dinners, desserts, fruits, vegetables, and all types of meat and fish. This melts icy foods so you can enjoy better nutrition and food safety. No need to leave foods out for hours where it can spoil or attract insects or pathogens.
  • * PERFECTLY SIZED at a compact 14″x8″x0.12″ thick. At just over 1/10th of an inch thick this is easy to store in a cabinet or on the counter. Yet it offers plenty of space to quickly thaw a big steak, whole chicken, large fish, or a big selection of frozen fruit.
  • * SAVES MONEY never again have to pay for energy to heat or microwave frozen foods. Lets you freeze more foods for later enjoyment. All this leads to improved nutrition, better health, and lots of savings. Especially helpful for families who want to keep costs low while enjoying more flavor and variety.
  • * GREAT GIFT IDEA perfect for birthday, holiday, Mother’s Day, house warming, or wedding gift. Everyone loves the highly effective convenience of the EunGaBi Defrosting Tray. Get yours now while we have this very popular improved technology in plentiful supply. It’s gone viral and is selling quickly.

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