Quick, Thrifty Teacher Gift Idea #Teacher #Gift

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Quick, Thrifty Teacher Gift

If you have a bad habit of waiting until the last minute for end of the year teacher gifts like yours truly, don’t despair!  There is still time to give them something cute and “puny”!  This gift is not only cute but it is also super quick and thrifty to throw together.

You will need a cake mix

store bought frosting

a note (printed or handwritten)

Ribbon to tie it all together

Begin by printing off your note that says “Thank you for making this year a piece of cake!”  I printed mine off and then added some cute scrapbook paper on the back.

quick, thrify teacher gift, #quickgift, #thriftygift, #teacherappreciation, #teachergift, #teacher, #thriftygiftideas, #thankyougifts

Use some washi tape, or regular tape and attach it your cake mix.  Then tie up your icing and the cake mix with some cute ribbon.  Isn’t that easy? Now you have a sweet little something to give your teacher to thank them for all of the hard work they put into helping your kids learn and grow.  Throwing in a nice gift card would be a great touch!

quick, thrify teacher gift, #quickgift, #thriftygift,  #teacher, #teacherappreciation,#teachergift, #thriftygiftideas, #thankyougifts

4 thoughts on “Quick, Thrifty Teacher Gift Idea #Teacher #Gift”

  1. It would be cute if you knew they liked to bake, but I think most teachers would prefer a gift card, even if it’s a small amount. The best deal is to get together with other parents to contribute toward a group gift card.

  2. A Thrifty Mom

    We think it’s a cute, thrifty gift especially for those of us that are on a tight budget. If you wanted to add a nice cake plate/carrier to go along with it to make it a more expensive gift, that would be great, too. 🙂

  3. Tina Scarpati-Renda

    Really!?! You would give some one cake mix to make their own cake as a gift? I dunno call me crazy but I think that’s kinda wrong…

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