Rayovac $2 off coupon is back up and running

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Just got this update…

The Rayovac $2 off coupon is back up and running.  The fine print clearly states the coupon is good for $2 off ALL Rayovac products. Also, we have reset the coupon to be good for another 10,000 while supplies last.  For those of you that may have taken down the coupon link, go ahead and re-post.


It will expire 30 days after you download and physically print the coupon!
They are limited to 10,000 coupons so print yours now!

With summer coming and great weather there is an increase need for batteries for flashlights, lanterns, handheld video games on the road, you name it. This is such an awesome chance to get a high value coupon! And it is selective to just the few Rayovac PowerBloggers!

Just a heads up mine took a few minutes to print….but well worth the wait!


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