Master fisherman – or so we hope!

Well it is camping and fishing season! Our son Matthew is so obsessed with fishing. He is an undiagnosed ADD kid. He has such a short attention span. Movies are so out of the question for him. About a min or two tops and he is asking questions about what to do next. He little mind always seems to be thinking! His life is always about trying to figure out what is coming next and can not seem to focus on what is happening now. But about a year ago we introduced him to fishing. Now our family has never really been into fishing. In the last three years of buying fishing licenses – we have caught ZERO fish. But it doesn’t bother Matthew. He can stand there and fish all day long! He loves it. One a while ago he was fishing up in the Jackson Hole area in Wyoming with us and he hooked his little belly. He got really scared and wanted it out. To this day he will ask if he will use a rubber disk that we tie to the end of his line to fish with (no hooks) or ” a real belly hook” as he now calls them.

Well with this nice weather now before it gets hot, the plan is to go out fishing on a camp out with him! He is so excited. He always remembers his fishing pole and his little tackle box that he packs him self. The other day he got it already with rubber disks for fishing, rubber worms if he gets the courage for hooks, toilet paper in case he needs a bathroom break, and his favorite flash light. He wanted to make sure his batteries were good in his flashlight. So he took it into the closest and tried it out! I could hear him giggle and came out and said – “Dad those silver batteries are still good!” He was so impressed that through the winter his batteries still lasted in his flash light.

Those silver batteries are the Rayovac AA batteries that we got when we started the PowerBlogger program with Rayovac. The gave us some batteries to try out and test for them. So way back then I put them in everything electronic we had, including Matthew’s flashlight!

So wish us luck in our fishing adventures this year. We really need to catch this poor kid a fish, or at least I can catch a fish for him and let him real it in (and no I haven’t caught any fish either). But atleast our flashlights work!


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