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While I am not going to list all the details of my purchase. I will tell you that coupon shopping is the only way to go these days…….it takes a bit of planning and time, but it is sooooooo worth it in the end. However, today I had to do A LOT of running to get these deals, I don’t always try to hit 4 stores in one day, but today is the last day of many sales and I’ve been out of town……so I did it anyway (and my kids were pretty good……….most of the time)

Here is my breakdown for today:
Albertsons $10.55
(check out my CASE of Post Selects Blueberry Morning cereal!! I got 16 boxes!)
Smiths $19.95
(i got some misc sale stuff i hadn’t planned on buying there)
Walgreens $6.83

Total $37.33

Here’s the best part, I get a $20 rebate, a $10 rebate, plus I got back $17.00 in catalinas @ Albertsons (to use just like cash in the store for my next purchase!) So, when I add it all up, ($47.00 in rebates/cash back)I actually got paid $10 to shop today!

Oops, I also got these shirts that I forgot to put in the pic, they’re just knit sport shirts- they’re nice! (already added into my Walgreens total above), but they were $1.74 ea. You can see my catalinas below too (just in case you didn’t know what they were).

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