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On the last day of the Albertsons doublers sale, here is how I did with my 4 sets of doublers:

  • 20-3 pks of Tree Top juice (On sale 10 for 10) Used 1.00 off 2 coupon & doubled= FREE
    2-Loaves of Orowheat Dutch Country Bread (2.99 BOGO) .55 off 2 coupon & doubled= 1.89
    1-Bag of 100 Grand Mini’s (2.50 each) 2.00 off coupon doubled= FREE
    4- Bags of Friskies Natural Sensations Cat treats (1.99 each) FREE Trial Coupons= FREE

I spent $1.89 Plus one of my transactions had a $2 off survey on the bottom or it!!!
I got payed to buy all of it!!!
Thanks to HL Coupon Lady for passing this along

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