Readers thrifty deals at Albertsons!

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Thanks Lisa B in Oregon for passing this along!
Tonight I was in the next town over doing a little school clothes shopping with my girls.
We needed to stop on the way home for eggs and bread. Since there was an Albertsons
right around the corner we stopped in there. We don’t normally shop at this store, but it
was very nice. The girls were thirsty and so I’m looking in the cold drink case and there
were Snapple drinks with FREE drink coupons taped to the top of them. So each of the
girls got one of those. Then as we were walking past the display of Propel, they had hang
tags on them for .55 off and Propel was on sale for .50 each! So not only did the coupon pay
for the drink…it also paid for the deposit on it! We got 8 of them. There were still 4 shelves of
drinks with coupons left on them…so I hope others can enjoy the FREE items!

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