Q&A- Thrifty Baby ideas???

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Question: I have followed your blog for a couple months now, thank you for all you do! We have a daughter that is a little over 1 1/2 now. We have been talking about baby number 2, with my new thrifty ways I am wondering if you can share some ways cut cost of having a baby. I would love to know what you bottom price is for diapers..food..ect. I want to begin to build a stock pile so we are not hit with all the costs at once! thanks for trying to find time for me!

Answer:  I have found that if you wait till you think you can afford to have a baby you will probably NEVER have one.  Matt was 26 when we got married and eager to have a little one.  I was only 20 and still very young, the thought of having a baby scared me to death but it was also something that was very important to me.  My son Matthew was born about a year and a half later.  I was still very young, scared and then finding out he was missing half his heart was more than a little over whelming.

But one thing I have found after having 3 kids is there are lots of ways to cut costs, here are a few of my ideas:

  • First off I have breast feed all my babies, Yes is is very good for them, but it is also VERY THRIFTY!  This can save you a ton of money!
  • I have found they grow so fast, and they do not really get dirty unless they have a total diaper blow out.  So once they outgrow their clothes they still look brand new.   Some of those little outfit are VERY expensive, I will normally buy one or two new clothing item’s for photos or special days.  But for the most part I go to good 2nd hand children’s clothing stores.  Many of them are very picky at what they will sell, and you can save a ton of money by buying 2nd hand clothing.  My local store Other Mothers,  has a huge .25 cents sale once a month , where everything is .25 cents.  I get most my kids clothes there!
  • The bottled baby food is nice, but will send you to the poor house.   If you buy fresh squash ( or grow it in your garden),  fruit and veggies and make your own baby food it is not only better for them but saves a ton of money.
  • Start watching the sales and buy a few packs of wipes or diapers when they are on sale for a good price.  By the time your baby is born you should have a nice sock pile.  I stock up any time they go close to 50% off!
  • If you are thinking of having a baby check your insurance plans, we pay more per month for our family plan but it pays for the baby 100%, all I have to pay is a $500 hospital stay.  I may pay more a month but this has saved me thousands for the price other plans cost.

Those are just a few of my ideas, what thrifty baby tips do you have?

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