Readers Thrifty Tip

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Thought I would share this “thrifty” tip I have used for a long time.  I have a box in my closet that I keep a stockpile of gifts in for upcoming birthdays and Christmas.  This has been a great money saver for me.  Below is a pic of my latest deals I have added to the box.
Jeanette  – Irrigon, OR

Bath and Body Works is a love of mine but it is not cheap and I love to use their stuff for birthday and Christmas gifts for my sisters and sisters in law and friends.  So I love their semi annual sales.  They have a lot to choose from that is 50%-75% off.  Plus I save one of my $10 off $30 coupons until the sale (on the bottom of my receipt that you do a call in survey for and has no expiration date).  Regular price I would have paid $110.50 – after the sales and coupon I paid $21.12 and got another coupon on the bottom of my receipt.

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