Readers tip on where to get coupons




Like many couponers I don’t like to buy an item unless I have a coupon but there are also some products that I really like and buy, coupon or not. Never being one to give up without a fight; I like to do a little sleuthing and try to find one. The best place I have found to get a coupon for a specific product is the company or products website. You can usually find this through a quick Google search. Sometimes it takes a little hunting around on their site. If you still can’t find a coupon, you can always email the company and with luck maybe they will send you some!


Here are a few that I have found recently:


Classico Pasta Sauce is my favorite sauce. I love how it tastes and I really love the fact that it comes in a regular mason jar! Less waste in the environment and less money out of my pocket when it comes to canning season. Go here, register and get a coupon (print twice) for $1.00 off of two jars.


Another favorite of my family is Old Orchard Juice. Since we don’t drink soda or Kool-Aid, only 100% juice, I miss out on a lot of the good beverage sales. Go here to get 2 different coupons. One for $1.00 off of 4 frozen juice concentrates (these are $ .98 at Winco so with coupon they are $ .73 each) and $1.00 off of 2 jugs.


As an added bonus, I was excited to see at the bottom of this site, a link to another site for Chiquita Smoothies.

Go here to get a coupon for $1.00 off of 2 frozen fruit smoothies


You never know what you might find! Happy Hunting!


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