Tip from paper carrier


paperboy_vers2I am a newspaper carrier and I love to see someone who wants 4 Sunday papers.  I know right away they are into coupons.  I was sad to hear that people have been stealing coupons out of newspapers.  Unfortunately because of people like that, there are lots of people affected.  When you are missing some coupons call your newspaper and let them know and they will get you another paper.  Please let them know that you are missing your coupons or whatever you are missing because if you call in and tell them you are missing part of your paper and you are not specific then your carrier will get charged $2.00 or more.  It is great to see so many people using coupons, and it seems to grow every week.  Happy Couponing. Thanks Kim

My own paper lady has given me her cell phone number and asked me to call her if anything is missing.  That way she can fix it and not get charged.  I am happy to do this for her, and in return she is happy to help me.

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