Readers question

I got this email over the weekend,

Just wanted to let you know that one of my local Albertsons stores is no longer accepting walgreens catalinas . Just wanted to let anyone know ahead of time so they aren’t surprised when they try to use one. They said they haven’t been taking them for months, which is interesting because I have used them there in the past few months and just a week ago. That said, they said they are losing money on them and haven’t been getting reimbursed, so I understand. I was just wondering if you have heard of any other albertsons stores that are no longer accepting Walgreen’s catalinas.

As of 4/03/09 Alberstons officially stopped taking competitors coupon, this included Walgreens register rewards.  My local store stopped right away but I get emails all the time telling me their  store will still take them.  So just in case you did not know, they are not suppose to take them any longer.  But here is the GOOD NEWS, since they stopped taking them they now have  double coupons more often.  It think it was a great switch!

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