Recipe box ~ Halloween treats and tricks, Funnel cake or Salsa Verde with Green Tomatoes

Salsa verde with green tomatoes, funnel cake, orange pumpkins, monster eye meatball skewers in slimeFun, creative ideas for you and kids.
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Funnel cake Recipe, Fair Food so easy to makeFunnel Cake recipe

Green Tomato Salsa Verde, it is the EASIEST SALSA you will ever make! What to do with Green Tomatoes, Recipes for Green Tomatoes, Canning or Canned recipeGreen Tomato Salsa Verde

Healthy Halloween treats for kids, October School fun food ideas, Mini Orange Pumpkind with Celery Tops, finger food for kids that will make them smile,Fun and Easy Halloween Recipes, Halloween treats‘Orange’ Pumpkins~Healthy Halloween

monster eye skewers, meatballs, meatball skewers, Halloween snacks, party snacks, Halloween, party food, Halloween foodMonster Eye skewers in slime