Recipe – Taco Bell Bean Burrito copy cat

How to make a burrito - Taco Bell

Ever get that late night craving for something warm and fun to eat? Every so often we make a late night snack of a fast food drive through meal and make it our self. There are only five easy ingredients to make it and one of them you can get free at a local Taco Bell. When ever you go there, they always ask if you would like extra sauce. Say yes and save them in your fridge. So how do you make this money saving recipe?

Taco Bell Copy cat recipeIngredients:

  • 1 can refried beans, we had a deal on them last year and stocked up on the Taco Bell brand
  • 1 onion
  • Grated cheddar cheese
  • Flour tortilla’s

In a microwave safe dish, add can of refried beans, cook till hot. Grate cheddar cheese, dice onions (red/white/yellow onions are fine).

In a flat pan/skillet – heat pan on medium high. Add 2 teaspoons of oil, such as extra virgin olive oil. Place flour tortilla on pan, twist on pan to spread oil around under tortilla.

Taco Bell copycat recipe - How to cook tortilla

The first side that is cooked will only rise just a little in a few spots. Try not to let it burn, because then it becomes brittle. Turn over the tortilla and allow the other side to lightly brown. This second size will rise much more. Cooking the tortilla is not required, but it helps with wrapping the burrito. And I think it makes them taste better.

After your ingredients are cooked and ready to make your burrito, place the burrito on a plate. Add a heaping spoon or two full of refried beans to the center of the tortilla. Sprinkle your cheese, add some onions, to taste. Then with your Taco Bell sauce you either bought by the jar, or your free packets you have left over from your last visit, pour it down the middle of the beans.

How to make a Taco Bell copy cat recipe

To wrap a burrito – grab the edge of the burrito with the contents perpendicular to you. Gently fold over one edge to tightly wrap contents under one edge. Then fold up the bottom of the burrito towards the center of the tortilla. Then with the same side edge you first wrapped, tightly twist it over and continue rolling. And Enjoy!


  1. What a useless article…  Anyone who couldn’t have figured this out on their own (by ever having a single bean burrito) won’t be able to figure out the can opener anyways…

    First off there is no red sauce for this (and no the store bought or packet sauces are not the red sauce taco bell uses though thankfully that recipe is easily found)

    There is no bean recipe (much harder to find but taco bells canned beans taste nowhere near the same…  lots of recipes out there but none I’ve found that are actually close yet)

    All in all you should remove any mention of taco bell or clone and call this article “How to make simplistic and not very tasty bean burritos…  – For Idiots”.

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