Reduce wrinkles with Frownies – have you seen these before, or used them?

3Frownies Forehead & Between Eyes, 144 Patches
Not sure if these really work or not only because I haven’t used them before. But from the comments on the post it seems like tons more say it works then those who rated it poorly. Check out what they say and tell me what you think – Have you used them? I even went and checked out other competitor brands and even there they said those brands didn’t work, as the “Frownies” DID work.

The packaging seems like it is straight out of the 1960’s, where beauty treatments seems to becoming more and more main stream. But if it works like the comments say then I guess why change a good thing. Even the comments with low ratings said that the only thing they didn’t like was that it wasn’t instant or that they didn’t like wearing the patches. But what would be more terrible to your skin, a chemical peel or a patch like this?

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  1. Stop smoking, stop filling your body with food that isn’t even real, eliminate the chemicals in your home and what you put on your body, drink more water and I bet you get better results LOL!!

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