Reindeer Donuts~ Easy Christmas Treats

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Reindeer Donuts~ Easy Christmas Treats

Ready for another adorable, easy treat idea for the holidays?  It really can’t get easier then these reindeer!

What you need:

Chocolate donettes

Peanut m & ms (red/brown)

mini pretzels

candy eyes (find them on the cake decorating aisle of your local craft store)

frosting for making the eyes stick

Begin by breaking your pretzels.  The following picture shows you how you should break them.  Start by breaking down the middle, Then break off the little piece of the loop that connects the pieces.  This will give you a nice antler. Once they are broken, stick them in the top of your donuts, with the curve going outwards.  Press them in gently so you don’t crumble the donuts.

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Put a small amount of icing on the back of the eyes, and stick them on just above the hole in the middle of your donuts.  If you can’t find these candy eyes, use sprinkles or a dot of  white icing with a mini chocolate chip in the middle  Place your m & m in the hole.  Press it down so it isn’t moving and so the “m” is on the bottom and not showing.

reindeer donuts, #easy, #christmastreats, #reindeerdonuts, #reindeer, #santa, #rudolph, #donuts, #pretzels

That is it!  Seriously, let the icing dry and you are done!  I think Santa would like a plate of these left out in place of the normal cookies this year, what do you think?


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