Rhodes Rolls deal at Albertsons

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rollGinger sent this great find she was able to get:

DEFINITELY a deal everyone should be looking at. The Rhode’s Warm N Serve Rolls, found in the freezer section, are $2.69. There have been a lot of $1 off any package coupons released recently–SS 7/19, 8/16, and 9/20. I came up with 18 of them while going through my coupons. Double them, and you can snag a bag of 9 frozen rolls for $0.69. The rolls come in 4 different flavors/variates: buttery dinner rolls, multi-grain rolls, garlic butter rolls and sticky buns. I used them for the buttery, garlic butter and sticky buns. The register beeped at the garlic butter ones, but my cashier just overrode it because it does say ANY.

Thanks Ginger!

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