Rock Bugs – Fun Activity for Kids


Rock Bugs – Fun Activity for Kids

It’s Spring Break! Hey everybody, it’s Katie. My kids have been enjoying their Spring Break. I was trying to think of a fun activity to do with them when my husband came up with Rock Bugs. He recently purchased these paint pens from Amazon and said we should try them out.

The kids had fun painting rocks this afternoon and spent a lot of time being creative. We had a few flowers with bumble bees, a big black beetle, a brown rock with ants, an American bug, lady bug, and a carrot marker so I’ll remember where I planted them when I get my garden planted.

First I gathered a few rocks from our yard.

Then I had a little helper wash them up for me 😉

Next I put them on paper towel to help contain the mess. You could use newspaper or even a trash bag cut open to lay flat. The paint pens we used were great for detail and there were a lot of colors. You could also use acrylic paints, but make sure your top coat is waterproof.

Then they went for it. You can let them paint whatever. We did some bugs for our flower beds and garden. You can paint garden markers too.

Then after they were all dry, I gave them a coat of clear durable top coat spray paint and let them dry.

All ready for the garden!

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