SAM’S club Thrifty deals


    sams1Thanks to my Reader Helen for this Thrifty Tip.  If you are planning a trip to SAM’S club you may want to keep your eyes open for these deals.

    “SAM’S Club has some great clearance. Yesterday I went to look. Items in the code with a C for clearance, and those ending in 1 especially 81 are super clearance. I found a gal. of Aloe Vera Juice for $1.11; a #1 pkg of dried fruit for $1.81 SunCoast pineapple or tropical for $1.81; 2# pkg of garlic butter croutons for $2.44; Noni original Biscotti for $4.44; and Stephens CandyCane Cocoa 22pkg for $1.81.”

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