Trading scissor skills


I am a rather low maintenance girl.  Growing up on a farm I did not have time to spend hours getting ready.  We always got the classic “moms home perm” and she cut our hair when we needed a trim.  I learned to cut my brothers hair, and also cut my guy friends hair in high school.    

Now some of you are skilled enough to cut your own hair……I am not.  I started having my friend Lisa cut it for me a few years ago.  She went to beauty school and  does it in her kitchen.   One day she called me and asked if I would be willing to do a “swap” for a hair cut.   She knew that I made  hand made cards, she was out and needed some.  I needed a hair cut so we were both pretty happy about trading our “scissor  skills”.  We now trade every time.  I give her 10-15 handmade cards and I get a 10-15 min hair cut.  I think it is a rather Thrifty deal.

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