Save 20 cents at the post office

img_0473While I was at the post office this week I learned something new, I thought I would pass it on to you.  I was mailing a small 6×9 inch  clasp envelope.  It only had one sheet of paper in it so it was about .60 cents to mail.  BUT because it had a metal clasp on it they charged me an EXTRA .20 cents to mail it.  They said the small envelopes with metal on them, can not go through the sorting machines. So they have to do it by hand ( that’s where the extra charge comes from).  This does not apply to the large 11×13 envelopes, only the small ones.

img_0302So if you have these smaller 6×9  inch envelopes with a metal clasp just tear the metal off, tape it closed and save yourself .20 cents!

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