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As many of you know, we have been hard at work the last year trying to get our Coupon Class on DVD.  I will be honest my drive at first for making this class was sparked after talking to one of my fellow bloggers and hearing the huge success and financial gain they had from their own Coupon DVD.  I filmed our own class, found a marketing company and we were well on our way.  But then we seemed to hit one road block after another the whole plan was just put on hold for awhile.

In my heart, something never felt right.  I did not know if it was my own lack of self esteem and did not feel like “my class” was worthy of teaching others to save. Or if it was the fact that I did not feel what I had to share with others was worthy of a DVD…. so I drug my feet.  Then this summer we did our first big giveback event, “Save Lives Save Money”.  At this event we were able to gather over 50 units of blood for the American Red Cross, and 4 huge bins of food for the Idaho Food Bank.  This event we did it in honor of our son Matthew who was born missing the left side of his heart (hypoplastic left heart syndrome).  It was a blessing to do good in honor or him.

If you have attended my  coupon class I take a minute to tell you how and why we started our blog.  It was a way to give back to our friends and family and those “heart moms” who lovingly served and gave to us in our time of need.  Little did we know it would become our full time job and help thousands  of  families save money daily.


One night I was laying in bed not able to sleep, trying to solve all my troubles in the quiet of the night.  My little Matthew was sick that day and I was really worried about him.  I laid in the darkness with my hand on his little chest, so I could feel his heart beating…. praying to my Father In Heaven to once again watch over and protect my sweet little boy.  My mind raced with the many trips to and from the hospital and how blessed we are to have him well and at home.  All at once I realized that I  wanted to go in a totally different direction with my Coupon Class DVD.  I started my blog to give back, I teach my classes to the community for free to give back…. and this online coupon class should continue with the same spirit in giving back.

So, we decided to start a Non-profit Charity called “Save Lives Save”.  We hope to offer support for families with medical needs.  We also hope to be able to offer families both financial and emotional support as they care for their little ones.

I pray that most of you will NEVER have to  personally  know the heartbreak of almost loosing you child.  But, for those of you who have been there… you know that nothing else matters.  But often life makes you make those hard choices, like only one parent being able to be there for surgery because you can’t afford the extra plane ticket.  Or not being able to afford a medication to make your little one well.  We are in no means going to be able to “save the world” but we hope to make small differences in others lives one step at a time.

So we are excited to let know, on this Thanksgiving day we will  be able to share our full length coupon class (1 hr 15 mins) with all our readers.  You can watch it online,  Instead of selling our class on DVD we are offering it as an online video.  In order to access the online class we ask that you give a donation to Save Lives Save Money charity.  We know that budgets are tight so any donation is welcome, but we ask you to open you hearts and know that these funds will go towards helping others in time of need.

Like many donations, this too may be a tax write off for you. Please talk to your account or tax professional for more info.

After completing the Donation below, you will be taken to the Couponing 101 Class video

For a $5 Donation:


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If you feel the need to donate more:

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